How should I forget - Eka Gvazava about the Russian brutality

Mar 9, 2023 - 14:11
Mar 9, 2023 - 19:43
How should I forget - Eka Gvazava about the Russian brutality

Eka Gvazava who is an internally displaced person (IDP) from Abkhazia has published a post on her Facebook about Russian’s action in Georgia.

During the days of occupation in Gagra, a georgian woman, whose identity is not even know, was tortured to death. They crushed her, put the dismembered body in a garbage bag and brought it to the city hospital.

In the bag, there was a letter full of anger and slander : ,,Just as you cannot unite the body of this girl, you can’t unite Abkhazia and Georgia''.

,,30 years have passed and I don’t forget...or how should I forget’’,-Eka Gvazava.

Mariamidze Ana, 19

13 soldiers raped her in front of her father, tied the tortured girl to a tree and burned her.

Baramidze Tsisia, 30

she was gang-raped and shot dead in front of their elderly parents.

Lilua Luba, 66

They stabbed her with a knife and threw them to hungry dogs.

Khvadagiani Angelina

They tortured her severely and beheaded her while she was still alive.

Bendiashvili Mzia, 37

They raped her in front of her brother, she was dragged by the hair, tortured and shot.

Gachechiladze Tinatin, 54

First they raped her, then they cut off her breast while she was still alive, cut her hand, and finally her legs. The poor woman was drained of blood.

Sulakadze Mariam

They tied her to the bed, pulled out his hair, set it on fire and burned her alive.

Partsvania Natela

They tied her with wires, handed her over to her handcuffed husband, stabbed her with a knife and set her on fire, almost drained of blood.

Tchanturia Elene, 64

They stripped her in front of her husband. The occupying sadists laughed for a long time, mocked the embarrassed woman, raped her and threw her alive into a pre-dug grave... they laid the ground and let the handcuffed husband to watched her die slowly, in agony... until the dooming roar stopped from the ground...

Mtchedlidze Nana, 52

she was a nurse. On the glorious Easter holiday (1993, April 18), occupiers gang-raped her and burned her alive together with her sister…

Evgenia Jonjua tried to escape. She was chased by a tank and was mashed like grass.

Many innocent people died then. Before being shot, people’s limbs and genitals were cut off, their eyes were dug out, their teeth and nails were pulled out. Women's breasts were especially attacked by sick maniacs.

Chichba Emzar was an Abkhazian, from Bzipi. He loved a Georgian girl - Mariam Choflani.. the girl was raped and tortured in front of him. The boy wanted to bury his girlfriend quietly and he was buried with the girl too.

The strong smell of burning houses, pine trees and charred people hung in the air for a long time and still lingers in my mind...This is the smell of war... I snuck it into a distant corner of my mind years ago, but I haven't forgotten it...

The war of August 2008 reminded me again.

Now the raped and burned children and women in the war in Ukraine are in my mind.

This evil called "Russia" will never end if we don't end it in ourselves first.. Let's call everything by name.. Russia is an enemy and it will never become our lover... it has committed so many atrocities on our land and how can we be loyal?

What else should happen that we don't talk sweetly anymore.

Nothing has changed. After 30 years, it is more sadistic and evil, more cruel, more ruthless, more ignorant, even more bloodthirsty.

Do I want war then?

No, guys. What a war. No one is more afraid of war than me...I survived I cry over the stories of those raped and tortured women, who should have been my equals and were not lucky enough...that's why I will never understand anything Russian... Exactly because I don't want war, I don't want Russia!!! I don't want Russian law. I don't want anything that will make life easier for them in my country, and make life miserable for Georgians with different opinions...

I don't want war.

But if we continue like this, in a few years, Putin will conduct the so-called the special operation. The war will not be called even then, just to protect the interests of the Russians, i.e. their own citizens, they will bomb the territories.... they will rape our women, they will shoot everyone and everything, they will make us desolate, they will spit in our souls, they will destroy our proud ,, Being Georgian’’ in front of us, and we won’t have the land anymore - Eka Gvazava.

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