,,Our future is European'' - Georgian students in Milan

Mar 14, 2023 - 15:03
,,Our future is European'' - Georgian students in Milan

Young people for European Georgia – this is the slogan that united the students of the one leading university in Milan and gathered them on Duomo square in order to once again and give a voice to Europe and say that Georgia will never become a Russian province, that Georgia is an independent state.

The process of fighting is continuous. On April 9, 1991, the chairman of the Supreme Council of Georgia, Zviad Gamsakhurdia, announced the independence of Georgia.
However, before that day, there was May 26 of 1918, according to:

,,The people of Georgia are the bearers of sovereign rights and Georgia is a full-fledged independent state. The political form of independent Georgia is a democratic republic’’.

On March 7, 2023, the Parliament of Georgia adopted the law about ,,Foreign Agents Registration Act’’ which caused the protest of civilians. The generation of young people, in whose perception freedom is the greatest law, protested another attempt by Russia to invade Georgia, which led to a confrontation between civilians and law enforcement officers.

Georgian activists, both throughout Georgia and around the world, tried to express their opinion that Georgia is an independent state and nothing should violate its sovereign rights.

It was this idea that united the students gathered in Duomo Square in Milan, who joined the Ukrainian community against the common enemy. They found themselves next to the Ukrainian people who have been demanding an end to the war for the 382nd day.

,,Today, March 11, we gathered in the Duomo square to express our support as much as possible to our Georgian friends from Italy and to say that nothing should hinder Georgia's European integration, because Georgia belongs to the European family towards which he is moving to and moving right along with his Ukrainian friends. We must say that we deserve to be members of Europe. The main mission, idea and name is that this manifestation is for the European integration of Georgia, and the main thing is that we pay attention and fulfill the 12-point recommendations that the European Commission gave us last summer.This is our main point, and everyone who values the European future of Georgia should unite around it'', – Davit Tvalavadze.

,,We, the Georgian students in Milan, decided to express our solidarity with those people in Georgia who, in light of recent events, went out and protested against the pro-Russian law. We think that it is necessary to involve young people at this moment, and therefore, we joined the action of Ukrainian protesters, and with this, as I already mentioned, we want to express solidarity with Georgians, and we also want to make our voice heard in Europe, because Georgia was and always will be Europe, and we hope that very Soon we will become worthy members of the European Union'', – Mariam Tcholadze.

And now some details about the Charter of Freedom:

 On May 31, 2011, the Parliament of Georgia approved a law called the Freedom Charter, the first article of which provides:

The purpose of this law is to prevent crimes against the state, terrorism and encroachment on the foundations of the country's security, taking into account international standards, generally recognized principles and norms, taking into account modern approaches, effective implementation of the norms of Georgian legislation and strengthening of national security, preventive measures against inciting the foundations of communist totalitarian and fascist ideologies. Implementation of measures, elimination of communist totalitarian and fascist symbols, cult buildings, monuments, bas-reliefs, inscriptions, names of streets, squares, villages and townships, as well as prohibition of other means of propaganda bearing communist totalitarian and fascist ideologies.

In other words, the answer to the question: whether young people rightly demanded the protection of the above-mentioned law - is already clear.


The most important thing in this story is that the generation popularly known as Gen-z does not stand alone at any rally…Our strength is the support of our parents' generation, Gen X, who shares our and European values to create a better, healthy, civically active and independent Georgia.

,,I am the generation that was forced to flee Georgia due to the economic crisis caused by the war with Russia, and this is the generation that we raised. I am proud of this generation and I want to tell you that we believe that young people are standing where they should be. There have always been those who say the right word, and I repeat here for the last time that we are not afraid of losing petty battles. We will win the real war, glory to Ukraine, glory to Georgia and glory to Europe'', - Meli Turmanidze.

,,I am here today with my colleagues, Georgian students, to protest the current situation in Tbilisi. What is happening is dramatic, just like the situation in Ukraine is dramatic. Russia continues to harass us. He wants us to come back under his influence, but I want to say that we are strong. We will fight and overcome any obstacle! We will never back down. Georgia chose the European Union, our future is European!! Long live democracy, long live Georgia. Glory to Georgia!'', - Nini Gilashvili.

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